Driven by our VISION in contributing to the advancement of quality healthcare, the latest in medical knowledge and the promotion of international best practices.

Focused on our
MISSION to Provide health professionals with a wealth of knowledge through a steady stream of continuing education options. Personal empowerment and professional enrichment are at the core of our business.

Holding to our VALUES of Excellence – Trust – Empowerment

Our objective is to offer diverse high-quality healthcare education focusing on topics from foundation elements to the latest medical updates and breakthroughs. Our training programmes are practical, thorough and scientifically based.

Synovetics is one of the major players in the region that specialize in Healthcare Conferences. Driven by our passion to offer premium educational programs; programs that are flexible, reliable, cost effective and specifically designed to enhance knowledge.

Synovetics, besides organizing its own events also acts as a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) for various organizations. For our events and conferences, we collaborate with renowned faculty from universities and institutions, handpicking lecturers, speakers and practitioners able to provide high quality professional development instructions and lead discussion forums on new developments and best practices. 

We take care of all your logistical, financial and creative requirements and efficiently manage/coordinate your conference.

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