Why Synovetics

Professional Service

Synovetics is a team of well-trained and competent individuals, having in-depth understanding of industry matters and needs of clients and their target audiences.

In-house Advertising and Marketing

The company has a strong in-house marketing and advertising team, this way, we are able to deliver integrated advertising and PR event services that are supported by high quality visuals, strong marketing efforts and strategically driven communications.

IT and Web Support

Synovetics’ website is a robust platform that is especially designed to support various aspects of event management such as event marketing, online registration, email and SMS, program / abstract uploading etc.

Delegates and Speakers Database

Over 10,000 Medical Professionals, Actual registrants from our previous conferences Physicians, Pharmacists, Paediatrician / Neonatologists, Ob-Gyne, Nurses, Health Experts etc.

Synovetics has an enormous database of healthcare professionals in the Middle East and North Africa.The database provides an opportunity to reach the healthcare industry in an effective and systematic manner. Our marketing tools enable batch emails and SMS to be sent instantly to contacts in database.

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