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Synovetics provides a Continuous Medical Education (CME) platform for professionals in the health care field. It is poised as the leading organiser of healthcare courses, seminars and conferences in the UAE. Synovetics is one of the first companies in the region to specialise in fully accredited CME training.

In addition to the academic events organised by Synovetics, we also aim to provide a number of opportunities through out the year for our members to meet together and use this network opportunity to further develop each members ability to broaden and develop their scope for practise.

Synovetics can also organise a custom made social event for your hospital or specialised Healthcare area. Some of the many social outings we can arrange for your faculty include;

Desert Safaris
Island Boat Tours
Traditional Arabic Barbeques
Excursions to neighbouring Emirates
Historical Tours
Sightseeing Tours

...and much more!





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