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Testimonials from delegates that attended the Medication Safety Conference;

"It is vital in today's world of epidemics and viral resistant superbugs that doctors are more prepared and informed than ever before. We look to companies such as Synovetics to serve that important need,"
Dr. A. Hosni, Pediatrician.

'Excellent overall program'
Reid Glover, Head of Pharmacy, SKMC


'Appreciate the excellent work. Thank you.'
Yvette Tawil Shaheen, Mafraq Hospital


'Excellent conference.'
Ms. Bernadette Kelly, Quality Officer, SEHA


'Thank you so much to all the organizers for the wonderful arrangement.'
Deepu Mathew, Pharmacist, Ahalia Hospital Pharmacy


'This update is very informative. Thumbs up for the organizers.'
Mr. Ricardo V. Atienza, Staff Nurse, Oasis Hospital Al Ain


'Thanks for the great effort!'
Omaia Abdul abu Yousef, Pharmacist, ICLDC


'The excellent coordinator and questions posted by Ms. Sahar Abu Omar were very good and strategic, reflecting a broad minded person, a very good representative of HAAD. Well chosen, very good work overall. Thank you.'
Mervat Wahid Mansour, Sr. Quality Coordinator, Tawam Hospital


'Thank you so much for all the colleagues who helped in this informative and successful conference, keep on and we are looking for more seminars related with modern pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. Thanks again.'
Dr. Rehab El-Sayed Mohamed Ali, SKMC-PHC


'Thanks a lot for an excellent conference. Well organized.'
Sohail M. T. Fitieh, Pharmacy Consultant, Interhealth Canada


'Nice Program with good speakers. Please do it again.'
Dr. Riad Z. Abdelkarim M.D., Deputy Medical Director, Tawam Hospital


'Excellent organization of the conference.'
Dr. Nadia Abdel Rahman, Al Corniche Hospital


'Very well organized. Most of the speakers were good. Thank you.'
Safaa M. Al-Huqni, ADCO - Medical


'Excellent organization of the conference and good speakers as well. Thank you.'
Dr. Saira Mukhtar Ali, Al Corniche Hospital


'Very high class and quality conference. One of the best that I have attended in the Middle East.'
Ms. Margaret Lambert, Risk Management, Tawam Hospital


'Thanks for this informative and useful presentation. The event was organized and well managed.'
Ms. Salwa M. Younis, Health Education Specialist, SKMC


'Well organized and well balanced conference. Sessions well matched and chaired. Good themes. Please keep me informed of forthcoming educational events. Thank you.'
Keith Norton, Tawam Hospital / John Hopkins Medicine.


'It would be great if there will be an annual meeting to follow-up the outcome of this conference nationally.'
Enas Shehab Eldin


'Discussion sessions were valuable and informative.'
Mrs. Carol Hattingh, Mafraq Hospital


'Thank you for this good meeting and we hope SYSK joins all facilities in UAE to cooperate together for patient safety.'
Bushra Mohamed Kassem, Pharmacist, Al Ain Eastern Region Store


'The presentation was excellent and it has a very good impact on patient care. It would be beneficial if we could tackle this topic again in the next year. Thank you. Congratulations to the speakers.'
Ms. Emerita Daligdig, Al Rahba Hospital


'It is interesting, enjoyable and informative. Thanks.'
Fawzia Nasser Ali, Nurse, ADCO Medical Center


'Well done, great conference. Very practical and pertinent information.'
Barbara Sproll, Pharmacist, SKMC


'Good Organization.'
Dr. Khaleed Salman, Family Med Specialist, SKMC Bateen Clinic

'The program is well organized.'
Dr. Sherif Abd Elkader Hamed Sakr, Physician, Prince Medical Center

'From success to success. Great effort. Go ahead!'
Dr. Omaia Abdul Aziz Abu Yoiusef, Imperial College London Diabetes Center (ICLDC)

'Very interesting to learn and improve quality of work and patient safety.'
Dr. Mohammed Kutty, Imperial College London Diabetes Center (ICLDC)

'Thank you for well prepared educational event, it was informative and of high quality.'
Dr. Mariam Mauzi, Quality Coordinator, Sharjah Medical District.

'Organization and time management was excellent.'
Dr. Kayla Madathil Abdussamed, Pharmacist

'The 3rd Medication Safety Conference has become more organized, creative, and each year have improved.'
Dr. Carol Yu Batapa, Pharmacist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

'It is a nice feeling to see a lot of multi cultured people from different countries in one conference to share and discuss for one sole purpose. Keep it up.'
Dr. Carol Yu Batapa, Pharmacist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

'Hoping to attend the next medication safety conference. Thank you for the opportunity to learn, and to continue to learn more for patient safety.'
Dr. Carol Yu Batapa, Pharmacist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

'Excellent organizing, excellent speakers and presentations, wide coverage and excellent time management.'
Dr. Kayal Madathil Abdussamed, Pharmacist

'Well Performed!'
Dr. Monalisa B.Musa, Pharmacist

Dr. Monia Elena Latifi, Dentis



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