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Synovetics provides a broad range of courses for healthcare professionals needing specialized training in specific areas. These courses, held throughout the year, are both custom courses for institutions with specific training needs, or "public courses" comprising a calendar of topics that are open to all.

The courses offered include targeted training in areas such as ACLS (advanced cardiac life support ) and BCLS (basic cardiac life support), diabetes educator courses, anti-coagulation courses for pharmacists,health technology assessment workshops and school nursing essentials.

Previous Courses / Workshops


 Ocober 23-28, 2010
 Aloft Hotel
 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


 Synovetics is proud to have provided the the first ever Clinical Research Course to be offered by the Vienna School of Clinical Research to be held in Abu Dhabi. The highly anticipated 
 course brought experts from Vienna, Austria to conduct this significant course which is crucial accross all aspects of healthcare. The course took place from October 23rd to the 28th,
 2010 at the Aloft Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

 The exclusive course offerred participants a diploma in clinical research at its conclusion.
 The faculty of internationally recognized instructors provided attendees with astounding
 statistical figures in the form of presentations, videos, graphics and animations. The three subtopics of the course included Introduction to Clinical Research, Introduction to Biostatistics
 and Introduction to Good Clinical Practice.

 Key Topics

 Protecting Clinical Trial Subjects
 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 
 Historical Background of ICH-GCP and Clinical Research Rules 
 Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals
 Getting a Product to the Market - Clinical Development



 June 11-12, 2010
 Abu Dhabi
 United Arab Emirates


 Synovetics is proud to announced the launch of the highly anticipated Adam Medical Centre Fetal Echocardiography Workshop. The workshop, which for the first tiem will be held in conjunction with the Ian Donald School of Medicine in Abu Dhabi, is chaired by the Director of the School, Professor Magdy Al Faramawy. The event will take place on June 11th and 12th, 2010 in Abu Dhabi, The workshop will be conducted by world renown women's health experts Dr. Badreldeen Ahmed, Professor of Obstetrics and Feto-Maternal Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College at Doha, Qatar andd Dr. Amal El Sisy, Professor of Pediatrics at Cairo University, Egypt. The event offers the region's obstetricians and gynaecologists and opportunity to remain up-to-date with advances in the ever-evolving field.

The faculty of internationally recognized instructurs provides attendees with astounding statistical figures in the form of presentations, videos, graphics and animations. Congenital heart disease affects about 1% of all newborns. Many of these babies will benefit from antenatal diagnosis.

The workshop aims to provide clear guidelines for women's health professionals on how to examine the heart, ensuring the utmost patient care. The hands-on training provided in the workshop offers valuable skills for any antenatal ultrasound technician or women's healthcare expert.

Key Topics

Anomalies of the Fetal Heart seen and not seen on Four Chamber View
 First Trimester Fetal Echocardiography
 Fetal Arrhythmias
 Abnormal Fetal Echocardiogram Counseling
 The New STIC Technique


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