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According to the international health accreditation bodies there are two major types of Continuing Medical Education (CME):

            Category 1 and Category 2

The Health Authorities
Abu Dhabi has set out the following guidelines on CME accreditation, defining Category 1 CME activities as:

• Formally planned activities that include documentation of acceptable needs assessment, learning objectives, educational design, an evaluation method, and disclosure.

• Planned and implemented in full compliance with the HAAD Standards for Commercial Support.

• Prospectively certified for credit by a HAAD-accredited CME Provider.

Category 2 "self claim" credits are defined as:

• Informally planned physician-initiated activities such as practice-based self-study, consultations with colleagues, teaching, M&M conferences, journal clubs, etc..

• Although a minimum of 25 of the 50 hours must be accredited CME, there is no maximum- all 50 hours could be accredited activities and events.

A CME event or programme is accredited when it has been reviewed and evaluated by a recognized body and is found to meet or exceed published criteria that emphasize the quality of the event or activity. The accrediting body can be any recognized, credible educational, scientific or professional organization that has evaluated the activity against generally accepted standards of excellence in CME. The two local accrediting bodies include Health Authority Abu-Dhabi (HAAD) and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University. There are many other accrediting bodies worldwide which will be acceptable to HAAD, as long as they evaluate events relative to generally accepted standards of excellence in CME. Accredited CME training must be based on the individual practitioner's needs. It must have clearly defined outcomes of learning and allow for participant involvement.



It is expected that each practitioner will be responsible for individual profiles. To assist with this, Synovetics will  provide certification for all accredited training and events that are attended in full with appropriate evaluation from the practitioner on the training or event being organized.



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